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Learn languages
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Transform your binge-watching into a language education journey

Watch shows

A Guilt-Free Learning Experience

Watching TV is often seen as a leisure activity, but what if it could also be a powerful tool for learning?


At Immersiflix, we turn your screen time into a valuable language education experience. Replace the guilt of "wasting time" with the satisfaction of learning.

Learn languages

Watch With a Purpose

Watching TV in a foreign language is often viewed as passive learning. This means, even without intensive focus on studying, your brain is constantly absorbing new information as you enjoy your favourite shows. 

Immersiflix takes this passive learning experience a step further. While you passively absorb the language, our tools and resources help turn this into an active learning process.

Experience Culture

A Global Journey from Your Home

Understanding a language goes far beyond words and grammar. It's about immersing yourself in the culture that shapes the language.


Traditionally, cultural immersion often meant traveling abroad, but with Immersiflix, we bring this enriching experience right to your living room.


You don’t have to use a text book or course to learn a language.

At Immersiflix we offer you an alternative way to learn languages.

Watch  Learn  Experience


Choose a series in your target language

Our books and sessions are based on Netflix series. You will need an active subscription with Netflix to fully benefit from our services. 


Purchase an immersive activity book 

Practice reading and writing in your target language with our activity books that are designed to complement your viewing


Join group conversation practice sessions

Practice speaking and listening in your target language discussing and dissecting episodes with fellow learners.

Learn the language you love whilst watching the shows you love.

Improve reading, writing, speaking and listening one show at a a time.

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